NASDTEC Licensure Checks

RSAI offers members free teacher licensure checks through the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC). NASDTEC is a cooperative of state licensure boards. Their Ed ID Clearinghouse is a national database providing alerts regarding individuals who have had their professional educator license or certificate annulled, denied, suspended, revoked, or otherwise invalidated.

How to get started?

NASDTEC checks are available to all RSAI member districts. Districts interested in using this service must first complete a District Participation Agreement. Request a copy by using the Contact Us Form or emailing After completion of the Participation Agreement, districts using 3rd Degree Screening for pre-employment background checks will have a licensure check option incorporated into their current background check ordering options and results will be included in the standard reporting. For non-3rd Degree Screening customers, districts will be assigned a username and password for the RSAI Teacher Licensure Check System to place orders for checks, and the results of any findings are emailed to the designated district contact person.

What information do I need to begin a license check?

In order to perform a licensure check, districts will need the individual's first name, last name, middle initial, last four of their social security number, their Teacher Certification ID number, and date of birth. Before beginning a check, it is important to have written permission from the employee/applicant. Any adverse actions based upon information returned also must follow EEOC Guidance and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Need more information?

Use the Contact Us Form for questions and more information.